UKAAF in Milton Keynes: Growing in Grace

2 September 2013, Joy Nyambane

People from many towns across England had an early start on the morning of Saturday the 20th July as they set off to the fairly young town of Milton Keynes, established in 1967. Their destination was Christ the Vine Community Church for a day that promised to be filled with spiritual blessing; and it did not disappoint.

The speaker for the day, Dr Lovemore Nganumu, a consultant paediatrician, focused on the concept of growing in grace: how a christian goes from being born again to a true disciple who bears much fruit. Dr Nganumu gave us a much needed reminder that growing in grace requires a process of dying to sin – a cancerous disease that deadens the moral perceptions – on a daily basis so we can grow ever closer in our relationship with our Creator.

We were blessed by a special item from the Luton group in Kiswahili which urged the message ‘chagueni Yesu leo’ translated to mean choose Jesus today. As if that were not enough, we were thereafter given a beautiful rendition of the song ‘No more night’ by Tiffany Onchiri – a potent message delivered by such a young girl, showing us that for God to use us we don’t have to be experienced, we don’t have to hold a high position in church, we just have to possess a willing heart and a humble spirit. If God can use a child, how much more could he use you, given the chance?

After such a feast of spiritual food, we then enjoyed lunch ‘al fresco’ in the church garden. The sun was out, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in which we ate our fill of physical food that had been so generously and tastefully prepared for us by the ladies.

Updates concerning the on-going Suswa project reported to us by Henry Mokaya – a member from the Reading group – highlighted the fact that there is still a lot to be done in the area including supplying sufficient roofing and adequate restroom facilities. The things we so easily take for granted in this country, people are in desperate need of in Africa. In order to meet this need, a goal has been set to raise at least £6000 to fund the building.

A lot of fundraising still needs to be done, however, a young group member by the name of Samuel Makori has shown great initiative. Together with his team (Jonathan Sentenga, David Sentenga and Ezra Nyambane) they utilised their photography skills to offer portraits to UKAAF members at affordable prices. A target of £500 pounds was given to the youth and by God’s grace that target has been met. We look forward to hearing from the other groups as the fundraising progresses.

“Wonderful, like all the previous meetings” is how the day was described by one of the youth and we plan to have many more of these enjoyable days. If, for any reason, you were not able to attend this past UKAAF fellowship, I urge you to join us for the next one. You don’t want to be missing out on all these blessings that God is pouring out on and through his people.