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  • "Our MISSION is to SPREAD
  • HOPE to PEOPLE in need"

h ope

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  • To support the needy and hurting in society and more specifically in Berkshire and where need arises.
  • To identify and meet the spiritual needs of Christian members and associates in the United Kingdom.
  • To run programs to specifically meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the needy besides conducting evangelistic campaigns in areas of need.
  • To support and run youth programs which shall promote self-esteem, building confidence and assertiveness of the youth in Berkshire and to enhance their personal development.

We aim to support needy people in society and wherever the need arises and especially in Berkshire. Additionally we identify and minister to our Christian members and associates' spiritual needs, conduct evangelistic campaigns and run programmes that help promote confidence and self esteem among the Youth to help them in their personal development.

Our Mission

October 12 2013

Sabbath Fellowship in London

UKAAF invites you to our Sabbath fellowship to be held on 26 October in London. Venue details:

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September 12 2013

Updates from Suswa

Preparations for the Health Expo are reaching their conclusion ahead of the 22 September start date....

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September 02 2013

Growing in Grace: Milton Keynes Fellowship

Report on the Sabbath Fellowship held in Milton Keynes on 20 July. Higlights included a sermon by gu...

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